PROJECTS Implemented
Study on the Effects of the Global Financial and Economic Crisis on Migration, (Returning) Migrants and Remittances in Armenia


 Diana Ter-Stepanyan, Anna Papyan, Haykanush Chobanyan, Tatevik Margaryan



Time period: 2009

The research aimed at finding out to what extent the global economic crisis has impacted on the volume of remittances and migration, the life of migrants and their families in Armenia, and labour market, social and economic situation in the country in general.  A qualitative research was conducted for this purpose: document analysis, face-to-face interviews with experts and migrants and focus group discussion methods were applied for collecting information. 

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Research school “Border and Rural Studies: Developing Methods of Field Work”

Research school was organised by Institute of New Social Studies (INSS. Yerevan, Armenia) and Centre of Independent Sociological Research (CISR, St. Petersburg, Russia) with financial support of South Caucasus bureau of H. Boell Foundation. The school is one in the range of research schools, being conducted by CISR in partnership with other organisation in border areas of Russia and Caucasus: 2002 – in Krasnoyarsk region (Russia); 2003 - Kyakhta, Russian-Mongolian border; 2005 - village Vesioliy (Russia) and town Gagry (Abkhazia); 2006 - village Sadakhlo, Georgia. 
Social life in border areas is the main pivot during border research schools. At schools participants from different regions of Russia, CIS and other countries are focused on the problems of economic and social life, gender and ethnic relations, as well as specific topics relevant to the areas where the school is held.

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Karahundj: a Portrait of the Village

Main researcher: Anna Papyan
Diana Ter-Stepanyan
Tatevik Margaryan

The research is on the rural community of Karahundj, in the Syunik region of Armenia (the southern tip of Armenia) which borders Iran and Azerbaijan and was most impacted by the Nagorno-Karabagh conflict in the early 90s. The research aimed to reflect on how this village was impacted by the developments in Armenia in the past 20 years and what policies were implemented by the central state to overcome the challenges; how has the lifestyle of villagers changed and what turning points have impacted this change?

The research has been conducted with collaboration and support of European Stability Initiative (

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