PUBLICATIONS Articles of INSS members
Formal and Non-Formal Mechanisms of Power on the Level of Local Self-Governance in Armenia

Tatevik Margaryan

Research was conducted in Syunik marz rural communities using qualitative methods (observing, in-depth interviews, expert interviews), produced a scientific research paper as a result (in the framework of Regional Scholarship Programme of the Heinrich Boell Foundation, 2004). The purpose of the research was to describe the formal and traditional norms and rules existing in Armenian Communities in the sphere of local self-government and public participation, as well as the contributing factors and practical outcomes of this symbiosis.

The article is published in Collection of papers “Identity, Power, and the City in the works of young social scientists in the South Caucasus”, Heinrich Boell Foundation, Tbilisi, 2005 (in Russian).

Political and Public Activeness of Women in Rural Communities of Armenia

Anna Papyan

A case study of a village with woman head, using in-depth interviews and observation, produced a scientific paper and article (in the framework of Regional Scholarship Programme of the Heinrich Boell Foundation, 2005). The main purpose of the research was to find out what is the cultural and psychological context related to gender roles in a small social group on the example of rural community and to describe how some women try to be involved in political and public life of the within and out of these groups.

Article is published in “South Caucasus: Spaces. Histories. People”, Heinrich Boell Foundation, Tbilisi, 2006 (in Russian).

Informal structures of power in the urban community

Diana Ter-Stepanyan

Research  was conducted on the case of Vanadzor community. The objective of this qualitative research is to explore the informal structures of power in the middle-sized urban community. Through the case-study approach the informal mechanisms and patterns in decision making process were studied in the local self-governing bodies of the community. The research was conducted in the scopes of South Caucasus Regional Scholarship Program 2005-2006 for young scientists in the fields of Modern History, Sociology and Sustainable Urban Development.

The article is published in collection of papers: “South Caucasus: Territories.Histories.People”.

Return Migration to Armenia from Russia: From Reintegration to Remigration

 Haykanush Chobanyan

Research  conducted in Kotayk Marz and Yerevan using biographic interviews. The aim of research was to find out the motivation of returnees both for emigration and then their returning back, the problems of integration in the host country and reintegration in the country of origin, as well as their socio-psychological and socio-cultural problems. The research was conducted in the framework of Regional Scholarship Program of the Heinrich-Böll-Foundation, 2007.

The article has is published in Collection of papers “The New South Caucasus: Overcoming old boundaries”/ Heinrich-Böll-Foundation in the South Caucasus, Tbilisi, 2008 (in Russian)

Armenian Migrants in Germany

Anna Papyan

Research was conducted in Berlin and Hamburg, Germany in the framework of Scientific Retraining Programme of the Heinrich Boell Foundation, October-November, 2006.  The main goals of the project were to study the everyday life of Armenian migrants in Germany, deeper understanding of the reasons and strategies of migration. The field work included interviews with Armenian migrants in Germany and experts working in the area of migration.